Holiday @ Malpe Beach

During my holidays I spent two days in Manipal and had a wonderful evening at Malpe beach. Malpe beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Malabar Coast.  The magnificence of Malpe is known to very few but it has always fascinated me. 

These are some of the photos of Malpe beach in the evening. The island you see in some of the photos is St. Mary’s Island. 


This photo was taken in panorama mode, which captured almost entire beach.


The beautiful statue of Mahatma Gandhi @ malpe beach (Courtesy: Mr. kishor Kotian)


An amazing Solitude 

(The island you see in the middle of the sea is St. Mary’s Island) (Courtesy: Mr. Maruti Pattar)



Divine and an artistic sunset view through sea


The incredible Malpe !!! captured through lens 

Abinash Biswal

2 thoughts on “Holiday @ Malpe Beach

  1. Cecilia

    The picture is truly amazing and inspirational. one of the best natural clicks ever seen. the waves of Malpe o anyother beach, i am sure would remind all of us the ups n downs in our lives which teaches us not to loose hope and efforts to reach our destination.

    Abi keep Gud job and in true sense u have talent


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