Holiday @ My Native land

During my holidays, I spent few days in my village where I was born and spent my childhood.  The name of my village is ‘Podaruan’. The village is 12 kilometers from the coastline of ‘Bay of Bengal’.

Nothing has changed much since my visit three years ago, particularly, the main attraction of my village the ‘River Devi’ which is filled with  memories of my childhood.

‘River Devi’ which is a tributary of ‘River Mahanadi’ (The longest river of the Indian state of Odisha) flows through my village, adding elegance to it.

always have  a strong attachment to this river as I had spent my wonderful years of childhood on its bank.

As the magnificence of the river is known to very few, I am glad to bring you some of my photographs of it.


The road you see is my village road


This is my village photo taken from far. The building you see is the Village School.


  This photo was taken from the terrace of my village house

Abinash Biswal

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