Sat Tal (Seven lakes)

We had our reporting meeting in October at Sat Tal Christian Ashram which is very near to famous Nainital, Uttarakhand. The Ashram was established by well-known missionary Dr. E Stanley Jones in 1930. The ashram is situated on a beautiful mountain surrounded by 7 lakes called Sat Tal. We had an amazing time during the four days of meeting.

There are some of the photographs of the place.


Morning Sunshine through trees


A view of the Ashram Campus


This is one more huge mountain beside the ashram

(photo was taken from the Ashram)


Beautiful sunset at Sat Tal


This is one of the lake surrounding Ashram and

in the opposite side there is a small market and boating point.


Another view of the Lake with an amazing reflection


Incredible Sat tal


The Photographer (Photo Courtesy: Rachel Raj)

Abinash Biswal

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