Agriculture Exhibition (Kisan mela)

We had organized a Block level agricultural Exhibition on 19th February. The main objective was to help bridge the information gap among farmers and help them to build a meaningful network with agricultural society and institutions. As many farmers lack  knowledge on alternative farming’s, latest technology and government schemes and policies related to agriculture, the programme was very useful for them. Through this, we were able to establish links between government departments/ institutions and farmers.


30 farmers had brought agricultural products for the exhibition.


During the event we had put a stall to sell some readymade finger millet products in order to promote finger millet in the region. Finger millet is one of the traditional crop used to be cultivated in the region before the green revolution in India. After this many Indian farmers gradually stopped millet cultivation and shifted to rice and wheat cultivation. Green revolution helped us to somehow deal with the issue of food insecurity but it left many other communities especially drought prone regions to starve or migrate. Finger Millet can be one of the best agricultural options for this community, because it will contribute to both food security and nutrition in the area.

Last year 46 farmers had restarted finger millet cultivation and this year we have got lot of positive responses from farmers that they are very  interested to start finger millet cultivation. As people are forgetting finger millet and its worth, we are trying our best to bring this back to the mainstream agricultural society. Thus, Finger millet being a drought resistant crop would contribute to both of our purposes – food security and nutrition.

Photo3138Finger millet food stall – selling of Idly, Poori and Noodles


Finger millet biscuits at the stall

During the exhibition we had organized a question- answer session between farmers and scientists from Agricultural Research Center. In this, farmers asked many practical questions to scientists on agricultural development and regarding the problems that they are facing in day to day agricultural activities. The session was very informative and useful for many farmers as it was the best chance for them to have an open interaction with scientists from research institutes.


Scientist from research institute responding to a question


A farmer asking a question


A farmer receiving prize

At the end some of the farmers were awarded by our organisation for their best effort and result in previous year agriculture. The award ceremony was very encouraging for farmers as it was a public recognition for their wonderful contribution to the field of agriculture and food security.

This is a brief post on the event, God willing; I would bring you many more event posts about what we do.

Thank You        God Bless…..

Abinash Biswal

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