Waiting for the harvest….

This is my first experience in farming. With the help of my project team and community animators, we cultivated wheat in 70 square meters of land. The farming was done in the System of Root Intensification (SRI) method in our hospital campus.  It is an amazing feeling and a great experience to see the crop grow from the empty land till harvest. In another 20 days we will be harvesting the crop and I can hardly wait to see the harvest. There is a joy in farming, watching it grow and doing it with all of your heart. This is one of the best leisure activities I would suggest.  Thank GOD for this and for the time to come….

My grandfather was a fulltime farmer and I have seen him doing agriculture in my early childhood in our native village. My father also recalls that he had done agriculture during his childhood before he came to government service. In my childhood, I have witnessed a little bit of my family agriculture and knew very little about it. But for the first time, by GOD’s grace I had an opportunity to do agriculture on my own. It took a lot of effort in caring and nurturing the crop but a lot of help from my co-workers made it possible. Thank God for this and thanks to all who made it possible.

There are some process photographs of the crop:-

Photo2084 Photo2315Photo2337Photo2806Photo2861Photo3320Photo2812




























I am waiting for the harvest….

I Will Bless The Work Of Your Hands…..  (Deuteronomy – 28:12) The Lord will send rain at the proper time from His rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do…

God bless…

Abinash Biswal

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