40 years old Sunshine…..

I love old, second hand books, the smell of them, the crackling of the old paper and deciphering the scribblings of the previous owners and imagining the kind of people they were. Well, I am lucky as I live on a Mennonite campus and we have our mess in an old mission bunglow (People who live on mission campuses would know) . The typical western style houses, the charming but unused fireplaces and of course the old broken cupboards with old books. Along with the rats, I too went sniffing around the old cupboards (but not for food like the rats). To my delight, I found old books, magazines. One of the magazines that caught my attention was the “Sunshine Magazine” (Picture Below) January 1971. Hmmm, my parents hadn’t met by then. My curiosity took over the sneezing from the dust on it and I got down to reading it.

Well, I did google it also and according to wikipedia, it is a “feel good” monthly digest, filled with uplifting short articles and anecdotes. I like monthly digests esp Readers’ Digest. So I got down to reading it, wondering how life was in the 70s without mobiles and laptops and limited internet.

It was a January edition and included articles on the struggles of keeping new year resolutions (can definitely relate to that), stress, family issues. It almost had every issue that you could find in a present day “feel good” magazine. It was strangely comforting and puzzling that nothing much has changed and life is as crazy as it was  40 years ago.

So to everybody who blames the fast paced, stress filled life of the present day, life has not changed much. May be we just need to find better ways to cope. I highly recommend a good book, a steaming cup of coffee and a good laugh with your close friends.



sunshine (2)
This is one article which caught my attention, hope you like it too




Happy Reading


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