Blessed harvest….

In my previous post regarding wheat cultivation I had written about my experience in agriculture. We had done wheat cultivation in our hospital campus and after long waiting we harvested it in the last week. It was done in SRI method and took lots of effort but overall experience was so beautiful.  We had lots of challenges in the process, three times goat grazing, unseasonal rainfall and pest attack etc which affected the crop, but after all it gave us quite good yield of 31 kg from 70 square meters of land. It is 4.4 tons per hectare which is quite high.  The yield is more than double of the yield in traditional method in the same Agro Climatic condition. Below are some of the photographs of the harvest and the process photographs you can see in the previous post.








Thank God for the blessed harvest……and thanks to all who contributed to this beautiful accomplishment.

God Bless…..


2 thoughts on “Blessed harvest….

  1. Congratulations on the harvest. It is truly a blessed one. Its amazing the way things turned out coz i remember the land when you started the work and God’s grace combined with hard work and determination has made this possible.

    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters
    Col 3 : 23

    I am sure we will see many more posts like this.

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