World Environment Day 2014

Like many we also observed World Environment Day 2014. Along with the host country Barbados, the whole world celebrated the day all over the place. We also didn’t stay inside our homes on this Global Day for action. We organized a rally with our village community. Women, Children and men from 15 different villages participated in the programme. It was fun, informative, communicative, full of passion and a great experience.

We had a rally of about 5 KMs followed by a programme where we had invited the Block Development Officer as our chief guest. There were around 230 people present in the programme. We managed to show the participants, some videos on Global warming, followed by a small presentation. The response was very encouraging. Villagers pledged to protect their forest, stop using plastic bags, use organic fertilizers and plant trees this year onwards. If supported, they would be a part of all the work happening towards Environment conservation. Even though they are least responsible for the Global Warming they showed great enthusiasm to fight this… Together we can, they said….

Some of the photographs of the programme….

Preparation for WED – Everybody so focused
Fun during the preparation
Starting of Rally
Active Participation of Women
On the Way – Women leading the rally
Entering Satbarwa Market Place
Lamp Lighting
Video Presentation
Sharing by participants
The event covered by the local newspaper


Not you or me responsible for Global Warming but we all. So we all have to fight this….Come join and save the planet, our glorious home…. Together we can…..

Thank You

God Bless…..


2 thoughts on “World Environment Day 2014

  1. Rachel Raj

    Congrats dude!!!
    The program was good, it was nice to see people sensitised on global warming and willing to take action for the same.

    God bless your efforts and together we all can make a difference

    We may not be able to do big things, but we all do small things with a lot of love. – Mother Teresa


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