Being Graceful

ImageGrace is a causal word, that is thrown around a lot. Most of us have experienced grace but few of us pause to think of its significance. This thought came to me, during our small sunday evening Bible study and got me thinking of my experiences with grace . I have been given a lot of opportunities to experience His grace in my everyday life but the ultimate gift of grace was given through salvation. I believe most of us have experienced this grace. But my question today is how many of us are graceful to other people???

This bring me to the most basic question, What is Grace and what is being graceful ? I remember a simple definition that my pastor quoted in one of his messages, GImagerace is receiving what we don’t deserve. Applying this to our lives it holds true, as none of us deserve salvation and many other favours from the Lord , yet He is continually gracious and compassionate.

So what is being graceful, we cant give salvation but we have various other ways to be graceful. It could mean overlooking an offence, speaking gently, celebrating differences or putting up with annoying people. My friend had rightly pointed out that we claim that the person has crossed the limit and we react. We are unable to tolerate annoying people or even be friendly to different people. we may feel that some people don’t deserve our grace but we should never forget we never deserved God’s grace in the first place. The question arises, what if God felt like that with us because we so often cross the limit.

What is ironical is that we who have experienced grace, we should be the ones being the most graceful; but a deep look at my life and I realise I haven’t been all that graceful especially in my thoughts.  I find it difficult to celebrate differences , I find it difficult to be graceful. When I reflect at my life, I see myself as the ungrateful servant in the parable in Matthew 18 : 21- 35.

Here’s to my self and all who are reading, to take up the Grace challenge, to be graceful to at least one person a day even in our thoughts. To let go, when you have something sarcastic to say or to stop judging somebody in our minds or to just be there for someone .

I just thought it would be appropriate to end with a stanza from one of the most dearly loved hymns, Amazing Grace by John Newton.

T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed


Being Graceful is difficult but not impossible





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