Netrahat the beauty beyond description

Netrahat is a beautiful hill station in Jharkhand state of India. We had an opportunity to spend a full day from sunrise to sunset at the place….. Mountains, forest, cloud and glorious sunrise and sunset…. Oh I love the place….

There are some beautiful photographs of the place starting from sunrise to sunset…. Truly it’s beautiful beyond description.

Beginning of the day…Waiting for the sun to come out
Photo4301 copy
Rising sun behind the cloud..
Photo4311 copy
Rachel watching the sunrise from sunrise point
Courtesy: Amit
Photo4349 copy
This is the government lodge where we stayed…
An old cottage at the place
Photo4355 copy
On the way back from Netrahat…Through the dense forest
Photo4401 copy
Netarhat Residential School…. And the Beautiful sky….
Photo4378 copy
Statue of a woman representing village life…holding a rooster with the arm and carrying a pot on her head….its beautiful


Photo4406 copy
This is Magnolia sunset point at Netrahat…. The photo was taken in the noon time….
Magnolia with her lover
Magnificent view of clouds from the Magnolia sunset point
Sunset at Sugavan – on the way back from Netrahat
Had a great time at the river…..


The pHOtogRApher….


I have seen upon you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory – Psa 63:2

God Bless You

2 thoughts on “Netrahat the beauty beyond description

  1. Rachel Raj

    Wow !!! Dude, These pics are beautiful, thank you for capturing the Creator’s art. Now every time we look at this we will remember to praise the creator. Really appreciate the efforts you put to capture beauty around us that so often we dont pause to enjoy.

    What you have done easily reflects what Karl Lagerfeld says,

    “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”


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