Social Transformation is possible!!!

There has been a continuous effort by development workers and government to find the best model for social transformation. So many experiments and so many models have been implemented but the success is yet at a very far distance. Lots of money has been spent on development both in rural and urban in our country but there has not been any remarkable transformation experienced which can be taken as ‘The Model’.

Why is this? What is the reason? Why isn’t there any tangible change? Is not it the time for us to think rather than trying the same methods and wasting time? What is that missing or what is that which is hindering the transformation process in our communities?

The community I am working with is a very poor community. Hundreds of NGOs and government organizations have been working for development and thousands of projects have been implemented. Our own organization has been working since many years and has implemented almost ten projects. There is some changes visible but that is not the change we are looking for. It is not a holistic change in our communities. The complexity of problem is so much that sometime I lose hope that nothing is going to happen. I am sometimes scared to hope to have hope for transformation. If I can’t hope anything then I am wasting my time here and I am working in vain. Am I just working for my livelihood? If it is so then this is the most heinous thing I am doing, I am selling poverty; I am selling suffering for my living. It is really a time for me to think what am I doing? Is there any hope that my hard work would pay off somewhere or I am just spending my days out here? Is this GOD wants us to do or He does have some other plan? Is God telling us to do the same things we have been doing or do we not understand His purpose? Are we missing out His way of doing? I don’t know but I don’t see any hope in the way we are doing stuff. It doesn’t make sense to me anymore. If you are working in a similar community or you have experienced you may understand what I mean.

But every problem has a solution. There is always a way out. We should find out the thing which is missing in the communities we are working with. What is that one thing which can be the factor for transformation, the complete transformation of people and society? Why do we do things what we do? What makes people in the community do things the way they do? What makes them think the way they think? I think it is the values that are existing in the community. Is it “value” that is missing, the value system in the society? What does it have to do with transformation?

Value is something which is the fuel for living. It makes society function the way it functions. It is natural but where have we lost it? If we see some examples of nature we may understand. As the proverb says – “Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider its ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest”. – Pro-6:6-8. Ants have no commander, no chief yet they work hard and with discipline. Nobody watches them or monitors them yet they work with honesty. The value that they have which makes them work systematically without any leader. Everybody understands their role and responsibility. They are that’s why called wise. But in our case, even after having chief and supervisors we don’t do our part.

If we look at the life of a honey bee we have lot more things to learn from. –They work diligently. They do all the things to complete the tasks they have accepted to do. They work in team by sharing the responsibility. One group of bees collects nectar from flowers and brings to the hive and passes the nectar to other workers who chew the nectar to make it more digestible. Another group spread the chewed substances around the honeycomb. Another group fans the substance to dry. The group visits around 2, 25,000 flowers a day just to get 30 grams of honey and they flew approximately 1600 round trips a day. (Cultivating Character, Character Solution International)

Wow! What a creature. They show diligence, hard work and teamwork, sharing and caring for their community without a leader telling them to do so. Nobody monitors them but everybody does their task well. This is the value and the character that honey bees teach us. This is the importance of values in society. If we have values as human beings, the society will function automatically in a way it is supposed to. If we have good values and characters then we will live to the fullest.

That’s why I believe if the value system changes there will be transformation in every segment. If people cultivate values in life, there would be change in situation, change in people’s condition, and change in life…change in attitude… If everybody understand their responsibility and have values, there would be completeness, harmony, stewardship and peace in lives and society. Life would be beautiful.

How would the value system change? I don’t see it possible; it is again too difficult for me to have hope. There are wrong things which have been practiced for so long that it has become a regular practice and people no more consider it wrong. Let me give you an example from my experience (Another experience I had already posted before)-there was a group who came to us for help to run the PDS scheme in village. They had gone through some procedures and in some procedures they thought we could help them in getting that. When they came to us, our Project Manager took some time to discuss with them about their families. They were from poor families. Then we wanted to know if they run the scheme how they would earn livelihood.  Then they explained to us about the scheme. And it was such a thing we had never expected. They told 30 KG of rice comes for each family from government and from which they would give them 28 KG and keep 2 KG each and sell them in market to get their profit. Same is with oil and dal too. When asked if it is right to do so, they said it has been a practice in every village and there is nothing wrong in this. They would take another person’s share and still they are not able to understand that something is wrong in this. It is not their fault but the way it has been happening. A long practice has become the system and it is no more wrong. We don’t have a value system which would tell us that it is wrong. There are so many things happening in our communities just like this.

That’s why I believe, if the value system changes, there will be hard work, truth, there would be no corruption, there would be mutual respect and respect for human being… kindness, love for human being and nature….etc.. No lie, no hurt…there would be trust…

If people would have values in life, external condition would also change …no doubt in that…but how? Can a blind person show the way to another blind person? S/He needs a person who can see to guide him/her. Even though there are people who can guide the society the society is not changing. If somebody has to be healed he/she has to accept that there is sickness in him/her. People in our community should know that there is something wrong. Unless they don’t understand that how would they go for change? If somebody tells the person that he has a problem without the person realizes it, it would make the person more arrogant rather than the room for change. That’s what we have been doing. We are trying to tell them that their condition is bad and they need transformation. Even in a participatory way we are trying to tell them it has still been a failure. They have not internalized that there is a problem. They have not seen a better model than theirs. They have seen the difference physically but not the internal factors behind any change. Then who can tell them the internal factors? If it is you and me, then how? By telling them that there is a problem or telling the solution it is not going to work. Because people don’t learn the best by listening or seeing but they learn when they do it. In order to make them do we need to show them how it is done. We need to practice the thing that we want them to practice. We need to practice value that we want to see them practicing. When we live with them and practice good values, there is a change in value system in our circle and then it will pass on to a larger society. We need to show them by doing the things we want them to do. That is called the incarnation model.

The incarnation model is the answer… (Mr. George Kutty, our Project Manger helped me to understand this model) This is the model that Jesus showed us…He did not just preach us to love your neighbor, truth, forgiveness etc but he became 100% human and manifested these as a human being…He practiced what He said…He changed the world with the message of love, kindness and forgiveness and nonresistant to evil by force… He made tremendous influence in people’s life by showing how to do not by preaching. He just didn’t tell us to forgive but He forgave from the midst of highest suffering, from the cross he forgave His oppressors.

So we can do this by following the same model….by doing what we want to see…behaving the way we want others to behave to us. Practice those values in our lives. Showing how to live would teach others about living rather than just preaching… If we only preach, it would make people more resistant towards good values and characters rather than cultivating them.

Somebody has rightly said: “Preach the gospel always but when necessary use word”…Preach the gospel by your action….

I strongly believe “The incarnation Model” would bring change…if we practice those values in life, people around us will practice those values. when people around us practice those values, the surrounding would have the same value, then it would spread…And there would be change in value system…Once there would be change in value system, there will be change in the condition of human life and nature…the transformation would take place. In every souls and then in everywhere… there would be full of life…Our prayer would become true…”His kingdom come”. The Kingdom of God is not an external thing but it is within all of us. “The kingdom of God does not come with outward show, neither will people say, ‘Here it is, there it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you”. Luke-17:20-21. Therefore there should be transformation from within then the transformation in external world would take place without even human intervention.

I may sound idealistic but I am not. It is my belief  that if we practice, we will bring transformation…we are the workers of The Master who has sent us to do this…so let’s stop just preaching but practice, may it be in larger development field or in personal life…It is not easy way ahead…but it is possible…

Truly, The Incarnation Model will work and this will bring social transformation.

This is my hope… I believe this and if you believe that this would work, practice!!! If you don’t, share your thoughts….

Thank You

God Bless…..

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