Be ‘Full of Life, Now’ and forever….

Happy New Year

I hope the year 2014 had been a great year for all of us. I think we all had lots to learn and had so many rich experiences. The year has become history and it will be written in the history forever. I hope the experiences we all had in the year may be remembered all through our lives. It gave us loads of great feelings, experiences and learning and courage to walk through the future. So with these little appreciation and good feelings I give farewell to 2014. I thank God for the blessed year…

Now when we enter to the New Year, it is a grand feeling. I hope the year will be the best than all the past years. Let’s grow continuously through this year till the final breath of life. Let’s live it full through good and difficult circumstances.

At this juncture of moving to a new year, let’s evaluate the past year and plan the next…. Let’s take some resolution for our new year and try to follow those towards our life goal… I have my New Year Resolution and I am sharing this with you so that I may be accountable to all the readers and my friends….Here is mine:

  1. I would strengthen my relationship with God by spending quality time in prayer, meditation and by experiencing God’s presence in day to day life.
  2. Practice Kindness and Gentleness: I would focus on practicing these two personal qualities/characters in this year.
  3. Read every day: I will read a book everyday may it be at least one hour.
  4. Write More: I will spend more time in writing.
  5. Will do lots of research: may it be personal or professional, May it be small and informal ones.
  6. Better management of personal Finance: This has been never successful but I will try my best.
  7. Will try not to waste time on things which matters less: Which does not benefit me and others.

These are the seven New Year resolutions that I have taken. I will try my best in disciplining myself to follow these. I have taken many resolutions in past and failed in following many times…and I have taken this time and know that I may fail to follow number of time….But still I take because It does not matter to me, how many times I would fail to follow but every time I fail, I would like to see myself getting up and practicing again towards the dream and purpose of my life….

I hope you have taken yours so I wish you all the best for practicing those….

May it be a great year for you and may you grow continuously towards the great purpose of your life…. God Bless you…Be crazy and….Be ‘Full of Life, Now’ and forever….

Betla National Park, Jharkhand, India


Thank You

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