Never for Granted….

In a recent prayer in our department, we were reflecting at the last year and all that we are thankful for. As I look back, I am of course thankful for a lot of things but the one thing I am most thankful for is a significant part of me that I often take for granted, My family.

I am very blessed to have an amazing family and being the younger child has its share of advantages.  My family has been my biggest strength throughout my life. I knew I had a good family but I am not sure I have taken enough time to thank God for them.

This post is dedicated to my family my dad & mom, Victor & Daisy my elder brother & sister- in- law John & Amy and my best friend Abinash and I hope to show the world a glimpse of the amazing family God has given me.

A small family you have given me

But with the biggest hearts

They always go out of their way

Whether it’s night or day

Their love is unconditional

Definitely not situational


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

I have my dad and we are inseparable

Proud of every little thing I do

And is someone I always turn to.


My mom is a dearie,

Love, sacrifice and worry

Keep her merry.



My brotherIMG_4722

None like another

Always together

I hope we’ll be

We have jokes that no one interprets

We have experiences that no one understands

Always was, always will be, my hero.


My Sister-in-law or the sister I never had

Girl talk, gang up or just silly giggles

She’s to be counted on

Stronger and Smarter

Completes my brother



And finally my best friend

Who plays all the above roles,Photo1849

When my family is away

And is yet unique and a gift.

Strong yet caring

Smart but learning

Teaching but always growing

Loves to talk but stops to listen

To all my gibberish

Always goes the extra mile

Just to bring back my smile.


This is my family and I am thankful for each member and for the role that they have played in my life. I am what I am because of them. I thank God and I pray that I will be able to be to them a part of what they are to me.

As you are reading, I would encourage you to take time to appreciate your family, thank God for them and never take them for granted… If your family has not been there for you, make an attempt to be a family for somebody else, you will be blessed.

Happy Reading and God Bless.

2 thoughts on “Never for Granted….

  1. Dude….Thanks a lot for your Love…
    and for the honor that u have given me….
    I don’t know how much better person i am but I always feel very special when with U….
    thats ur Love…
    Thank You for what u r for me….You too a precious gift for me and the most amazing woman of my life after my very loving mother….
    I thank God for U too…..Thank U

    Liked by 1 person

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