Thelema is the Greek word for “Will of God”. Most of us seek God’s will or desire to seek God’s will in our lives, work especially when making decisions for study, work, marriage. It is also a concept that we struggle to understand and we are not always sure of. I have heard messages, sharing and also have personal experiences of God’s will. It is one constant question that haunts all of us.  What is God’s will in my Life?

There also the other questions, that we tend to ask, How do we know God’s will, does God’s will apply only in big decisions? I have asked these questions to myself.

Different people offer different answers, some convincing, some real, some fishy even ungodly. So who has the answers? In the early days, it was easier like Abraham who talked with God or David or Moses who sought God and he answered. But now a days God’s answers are subtle but the still small whisper remains unchanged.

The answer, I believe is only in the Word that God has given us, “The Bible”. During a recent devotion, I came across answers in 2 places which eventually answered other questions as well.

One is the very obvious one, in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ which I have often repeated.

Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. When we pray for God’s will, on earth, it definitely means on everything not just the hard decisions or life-changing events, not just when we not sure but when the offer is tempting.

The other place, which was my devotion, is Psalm 143: 10 where David prayed “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. I am amazed at this prayer. David prayed for God to teach him, it obviously means that, it does not come naturally; it’s something that has to be learnt.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, it does not magically or automatically happen as God never forces his will on us. We have a choice and the choice requires that we learn to God’s will and that I believe is the only way we can fully obey His will.

We need to first learn to do His will and then maybe we would know better and understand it in our lives. I hope as you read this, we will pray the same prayer that David prayed; Teach me to do Your Will….


God Bless…

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