The Joy in solitude

Sometimes sitting and thinking nothing

Sometimes looking at the sky and admiring

Sometimes listening to the sounds

Sometimes observing a small insect busy in its business

Sometimes a whisper of prayer

Sometimes with a mug of coffee and a kindle

Sometimes rereading the old favourite book

Sometimes feeling the cold breeze

Sometimes thinking of a past memory

Sometimes a fantasy

Sometimes just missing someone

And forever the joy in solitude….


Thank you

God bless

4 thoughts on “The Joy in solitude

  1. the state of being in solitude is not possible for have to practice it to the extent that you will behave indifferent to every thing around you and then you start. Many people donot understand the beauty of it andsome people simply can not be solo.
    In solitude only the irrelevant people. sound and thoughts have no influence on you and you can be just you and you have freedom of spirit to hear that gentle whisper of God.

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