Transformation is not when people have achieved their goal but it is when they realize their goal.

Transformation is when the community has a clear vision of their future.

If people are empowered enough to know their present situation and know where they want to see themselves in some years, it is transformation. Transformation is, knowing what the good situation is. Once the vision is clear, people will find a way…

As development workers, our job is not to tell them what to do but help them to realize their goal/vision and little bit of encouragement in the process.

If we put all our strength on telling them what to do rather helping them to have a vision, once we withdraw they will go off track.

As John F. Kennedy said “Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.

If you have strength, you work hard and have courage, you will reach nowhere without a vision. Therefore the important thing is you need to have a vision and with little help in how to get there would get you there. Courage comes with the vision.

You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” Richard Bachtransformation_brand_science

[Acknowledgement: Mr. George Kutty for his valuable inputs during a discussion at office]

Thank you

God Bless…


4 thoughts on “Transformation…

  1. Kuldeepa

    Like d way u mentioned about ‘as development workers job…’ Glad to c so many small communities getting strengthen slowly but surely! Best wishes to catalysts like you!

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