Can’t we be like these small plants???







These small plants outside my window,

bearing colorful flowers

Swinging with the wind, making a pleasant appearance to the eyes of an observer

These flowers, however, oblivious to anyone watching them

Unmindful of any kind of appreciation of their beauty

Careless about anyone’s admiration

Unconcerned about whether they can be studied in a Botany laboratory or be a garland or a bouquet

Neither they desire to be captured by a camera and remembered for ages


They are just small plants bearing beautiful tiny flowers

They are just a part of the nature, germinated from tiny seeds, grown to their highest potential

When time comes they will wither away

All that they care is to bloom on the surface of this land,

as much as they can

Only attentive to their purpose

Adding to the beauty of the land and spreading fragrance wherever placed

Whether it is windy, rain or heat, they do their best to bloom to their highest capacity

Least bothered about their circumstances, approval or reputation of any kind


My Lord, Can’t we be like these plants?

Without expecting anything, just do our part…

Give our best in what we are called to do…without worrying about the result

Bloom to our highest potential

Live up to our own purposes in this land

Bother the least about reputation or approval

Just like these flower bearing small plants outside my window…

Can’t we be???


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