About Abinash Biswal

Abinash is a young Sustainable Development (MSc Environment and Development) professional.

He worked in a Climate Change project for three years with Emmanuel Hospital Association in a remote corner of the Jharkhand state of India. The project worked alongside village communities (primarily tribal) to adapt to changes in the climatic condition with regard to occupation, livelihood and health.

Other than his passion to work with less privileged communities, Abinash enjoys reading, taking long walks, swimming, photography and deep conversation about life in general and ideas.

He desires to experience life by living every moment and in the present, where eternity meets life.

He believes his reason is to demonstrate faith in Jesus through his work (Preaching the Good news by practicing the Love of God). He is afraid to be living a life of a whitewashed tomb.

He believes, LOVE is the greatest attribute of human being, peace is the utmost need of the time and good values are the essence of life.

His favorite authors are C S Lewis, Rumi, Richard Bach, Khalil Gibran, Leo Tolstoy, Khalid Hosseini and may be few others.

He thinks the habit of reading is an essential part of living.

He admires leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King. Jr, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and few others…

He struggles to keep daily journal…

He likes to spend a quality time in God’s presence but fails often. , but he

He is eager to understand God more.

He does not like to get angry but sometimes he gets angry quickly, he does not like to be rude or offensive but sometimes is, he does not like to hurt people but ends up hurting and he hates wasting time but he does….But his weakness helps him to avoid judging others. He is no better than anyone yet unique and special.

He believes all human beings are made in the image of God and are to be loved and respected.

…personify the love of God and the world will change…

He would love to write a lot but his mind cooperates less…

May God bless you

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